Ad Type
In-Image static
In-Image Animated
Narrow Size
300 x 70
300 x 70
Normal Size
450 x 70
450 x 70
Minimum Image Size
300 x 210
300 x 210
Animated max 5 seconds
Turnaround Time
Character Limit

GumGum offer advertisers ads that stick. Ads are served in line with content that users are actively focused on.

Are Media support the In-Image format.


Using image recognition technology, we deliver targeted placements as contextual overlays on top of related editorial pictures.

Required Assets

  1. Background Colour
  2. Logo
  3. Tagline
  4. Call to Action
  5. Campaign Artwork
  6. Order elements should drop off on smaller sizes

Please supply art assets and creative direction.

For responsive units, please supply the order in which elements should drop off for smaller ad sizes. One element can be up to 100 pixels high.


  • All creative is to include a valid clickthrough that opens in a new tab or window
  • Can contain animation/video which must contain play/pause controls
  • Sound must be user initiated and muted by default, with a visible mute/unmute button
  • Auto play animation/video: 30 sec max duration
  • Accepted file types: Layered PSD’s
  • Creative specifications can change at any time. Always refer to the Are Media Web Site prior to developing creative. For complete guidelines, please click here.
  • Please refer to Are Media’s Ad Matrix to see where this ad unit is run.


Creative must be delivered at least 15 working days prior to campaign go live date.

PSD’s that include layered assets must be supplied separately.

Creative will be ad served by GumGum. Click and impression tracking can be supplied.

All rich media ads are subject to testing.

For more support, contact your Are Media representative.