Gutters are served outside of the sites content area and displayed to users with accommodating screen resolution. Gutters are included in a High Impact Premium sponsorship with a BillboardLeaderboardMREC and Half Page. Gutters cannot be served as standalone ad units.


Ad Type
Gutters 160 x 600 (px)
File Size
File Formats


  • All creative is to include a valid clickthrough that opens in a new tab or window.
  • Creative with a white background must include a 1px solid border.
  • Can contain animation and loop twice (play through 3 times).
  • No strobing effects or rapid animation permitted.
  • Creative specifications can change at any time. Always refer to the Are Media Web Site prior to developing creative. For complete guidelines, please click here.
  • Please refer to Are Media’s Ad Matrix to see where this ad unit can run.


Creative must be delivered at least 5 business days prior to campaign go live date.

3rd party creative must be live when submitted to allow adequate testing.

Failure to provide creative within these turn-around times may delay campaign start times.

All rich media ads are required to be served via a third party. Are Media accepts most third party ad servers; please consult with your Are Media Campaign Manager for confirmation.

All rich media ads are subject to testing.

For more support, contact your Are Media representative.