Playground XYZ Mobile Rich Media

Playground XYZ’s mobile rich media formats offer brands an array of highly impactful and effective canvas’ to create a number of brand new storytelling opportunities.

Each of their 6 ad formats are available on the Are Media Digital Network.

Super Skin*

Big ideas need a big ad format. Super Skin allows you to align your brand with a Are Media website in a way that has previously only been available for desktop advertisers. The Super Skin is an integrated header unit with branded gutters and features an expandable content area.

Top & Tail

Out of the way but highly impactful – a truly balanced ad experience. As a user moves down the page an ad appears at top. As the user moves up page and ad appears at bottom. Big impact with low accidental clicks.

Video Drive-by

A video unit that seamlessly drives-by under the site header.

Hang Time

A powerful full page canvas to support vertical content.


A highly eye catching and engaging user controlled storyboard.

*The Super Skin is included in a High Impact sponsorship and cannot be served as a standalone ad unit. The Super Skin is served along with the following desktop sizes:

  • Billboard
  • Leaderboard
  • Gutters
  • MREC/Half Page


Ad Format
Specifications URL
Super Skin
Top & Tail
Side Push
Video Drive-by
Hang Time

*Creative must be built using the Playground XYZ templates and wizard.



  • All creative is to include a valid clickthrough that opens in a new tab or window.
  • User initiated expand only.
  • Must include ‘X’ in top right corner to close.
  • Sound must be user initiated and muted by default, with a visible mute/unmute button.
  • Animation/video must contain play/pause controls.
  • For all Playground XYZ specs please see
  • Creative specifications can change at any time. Always refer to the Are Media Web Site prior to developing creative. For complete guidelines, please click here.
  • Please refer to Are Media’s Ad Matrix to see where this ad unit can run.


Creative must be delivered at least 5 working days prior to campaign go live date.

Playground XYZ creative preview URL to be supplied with click and impression trackers.

Failure to provide creative within these turn-around times may delay campaign start times.

All rich media ads are subject to testing.

For more support, contact your Are Media representative.