Bauer Media Launches Female Futures

Posted 13 February 2018 in Event, Press Release



Bauer Media this morning launched a Female Futures trends forecast, highlighting changing global cultural trends affecting society in years to come. The study, which was conducted in partnership with British forecasting consultancy The Future Laboratory, explains the importance of women as a market, an audience and a political force.

The event explored how brands and individuals need to adapt to the ‘Female Future’ that we are heading towards. Global-level changes in gender relations over the past twelve months are just one indication of how conversations around equality between men and women are shifting, with issues such as the gender pay gap and how brands communicate with women now playing a much more prominent role in organisations’ thinking.

At the event, Bauer Media’s CEO Australia and New Zealand, Paul Dykzeul outlined how Bauer has put the business under a microscope and is working towards a Female Future announcing:

  • 10 Million Words initiative: A corporate promise to write “10 Million Words” across its portfolio of premium cross-platform brands to support the drive for a Female Future.
  • Story54: The introduction of Bauer’s new division – Story54, insight-led entertainment and storytelling for women, by women. Story54 will be led by General Manager Jane Waterhouse, and brings together an expanded team of the most talented content and creative teams within Bauer Media. Story54 has started strong, with an award-winning campaign for Fiat named Content Marketing Campaign of the Year in 2017 at the Adnews AMA’s. In addition, Story54 has created a cross-channel content series for premium brands like Tiffany, Google Pixel 2, and Lion Dairy.
  • Print magazine innovation with a series of pop-up magazines speaking to new female audiences over the coming year.
  • Women To Love: A new digital cross-brand content initiative spanning the entire Bauer digital network, elevating women in the arts and celebrating the importance of creativity to bring about the Female Future.
  • New data partnerships: With Quantium and comScore to deliver richer targeting for advertisers across our diverse female audiences.

Speaking at the event, Nicole Byers, Editor in Chief of The Australian Women’s Weekly commented, “There has never been a more exciting time to be a woman. There has never been a better time to be publishing to women. There has never been a more inspiring time to work for a global company that is owned and run by a young woman. It’s a privilege to discuss how women’s place in society is changing with some of our partners and advertisers and the role that we are playing in this journey.”

Panellists at the event included newly appointed Director, PwC CMO Advisory Sunita Gloster, and CEO Code Like A Girl, Ally Watson who discussed themes such as tackling inbuilt gender bias and how the job threat from automation will disproportionately affect women. They also exchanged ideas on the hopes and expectations of Generation Z, and how these trends will have an impact on how they work. Ally Watson highlighted the importance of “finding your tribe in the workplace” and how “when you’re a minority within your industry that can be a challenge.”

Sunita Gloster spoke of accountability, saying “As marketers that shape and reflect society, its up to all of us to question our own unconscious bias around social norms and stereotypes.”

Ruth Marshall-Johnson summarised the importance of diversity stating, “There is no excuse not to be contemporary”.

Paul Dykzeul, CEO Bauer Australia and New Zealand, recognised the role men play and commented, “Bauer Media’s understanding of what women think, feel and want is unmatched across the publishing industry. It’s an exciting place to be as we head towards a Female Future.”

“We’re delighted to have partnered with The Future Laboratory to present this report. The world is changing fast, and Bauer Media is already anticipating the changes in attitudes and outlook that will be required for brands to thrive in the years ahead. Our thanks to those who attended and of course to our panellists who contributed to such a rich discussion.”