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The Magic of Magazines

Magazines build brand equity by eliciting the strongest levels of emotional intensity, research from the world’s preeminent neuromarketing company, Neuro-Insights has revealed.

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What makes her laugh

Coming soon! Our latest insights study on how to use humour in advertising. Register to be the first to see it

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What women are thinking and feeling in a COVID-19 world? Are Media’s research team launched HERpulse study to get an ongoing read of how our audience is feeling during this time. These insights will help keep our commercial partners informed as audience behaviour and priorities shift.

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We have uncovered the emotional signature of Gen Z - and you really need to see it. With this ground-breaking AI research, we uncovered the scripts which resonate with Gen Z – from people, tone, imagery and content. This playbook is essential for brands who want to understand the key signatures, in order to genuinely connect with Gen Z.

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Are Media’s latest research “Defiant” reveals the mindset of a joyful generation, defying traditional expectations. A new cohort of women buying 47% of everything! We’ve delved into her aspirations, her values, and why ads are invisible to her.

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Luxury Trend Forecast

Are Media partnered with London’s The Future Laboratory, a trend forecaster, to understand the future of luxury globally and locally – the dynamics of key consumer groups and the trends they drive.