How We Live

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Everyone’s a stylist

Home renovation TV shows, store displays, magazines and digital continue to create a culture of ‘styled’ homes. This exposure to home decorating is making Australians more confident and adventurous in using their home to display a sense of personal style.

Hospitable spaces

Australians draw inspiration from hotels, day spas and cinemas to create luxurious living and entertaining environments in their own homes.

Easy living

A house is hard work with weekends spent cutting grass and cleaning gutters and as Australians strive to achieve the right work-life balance and maximise time for themselves, they are seeking out products that make their life easier as well as saving time.

Calm spaces

Australians crave calm and clutter-free spaces in their homes to escape the stresses and pressures of the outside world.

Home Economics

The growing cost of energy is making it a priority for Australians to have cost-effective homes. There’s a great interest in going green but it’s driven more by household budgets than concern for the environment. Affordable energy sources and more energy-efficient homes are a focus for many Australian women.

Bringing the inside out

Australians have always loved their outdoor spaces and bringing the outdoors in has long been a design trend in their homes. Now we are also seeing a shift to taking the inside out, as key living elements seek to maximise space and the local climate.