IP and licensing partnerships

Are Media partners with like-minded brands to create brand-led experiences and products that drive inspiration, engagement and influence across a range of touchpoints. Partnership opportunities are limited only by the imagination.



Gourmet Traveller and APT

Gourmet Traveller and travel company APT have created a series of co-branded luxury European cruises. Kicking off in February 2018, six exclusive cruises will take Gourmet Traveller readers far and wide delivering exceptional service, fine dining and a first-class travel experience.

Weight Watchers and Goodman Fielder's Tip Top

Are Media brought Weight Watchers and Goodman-Fielder’s Tip Top together to create a specially produced bread product for the health conscious, marketed extensively through Are Media's Weight Watchers magazine.

Real Living and Freedom Furniture

The Real Living homewares range came about through a partnership with Freedom Furniture. The range included bedding, lighting and home furnishings and was stocked in Freedom stores nationally making for the ultimate brand extension for Real Living.