Story54 Visual Stories

Take a deep dive into content that readers want to dwell on.
Are Media's visual stories offer advertisers a digitally immersive experience
with the ability to tell your story in long-form.

Premium Environment

Each story is designed to elevate your brand. Story54’s award-winning creative team designs and curates each element of the storytelling to create a rich and engaging experience. Visual stories can support a range of images, gifs, video and animation to bring the story to life.

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Deep Engagement

With people’s attention shifting every 45 seconds, the long-form nature of Are Media's visual stories attracts longer dwell times.

This story for Westpac delivered a
dwell time of 2:31 seconds

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Social Drivers

We ensure large, and highly engaged audiences view your story through social drivers placed across social media accounts. Most Are Media social accounts average over 1 million followers.

Stronger response

Premium environments produce stronger response rates driving uplifts across brand awareness, ad recall, brand perception, and consideration.

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