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In 2021 Are Media makes major digital and data moves, and supercharges the young women’s portfolio with a revamped Girlfriend and the return of Elle as a digital pure play. Beauty is going big and we become the first publisher globally to partner with media planning tool, attentionTRACE. We aim to show you why we are the #1 channel for holding the right kind of female attention - the kind that gets results. There will be an encore broadcast of the 2021 Showcase on Thursday November 12 at 2pm. Register below to join the show.

New digital and data innovations

Across beauty, health and homes, Are Media has revealed plans for new digital products, relaunches of existing brands, ecommerce expansion and an enhanced programmatic offering.

What this means for advertisers?

  • New integration opportunities across Australia’s biggest portfolio of websites for women
  • Reach highly engaged female audiences at scale, with viewability at 75% and brand safety at 98%

Supercharged young women's portfolio

Girlfriend will be refreshed in 2021 with a bright, optimistic new look that connects Are Media and its partners to the next generation of powerful women. Are Media has also confirmed the world’s largest fashion magazine and media brand, Elle, is returning to Australia as a digital pure play. Elle.com.au, which reaches 370,000 Gen Y women each month, will become a highly curated retail and shopping destination. Girlfriend and Elle.com.au join Are Media’s growing portfolio brands aimed at young women which also includes SYRUP, a unisex digitally led fashion, beauty and culture brand targeting 16 to 22-year-olds launched earlier this year. More than 1.37 million young women are reached by Are’s brands each month.

What this means for advertisers

  • Syrup + Girlfriend + Elle will deliver unrivalled reach and connection with young female audiences

New research shows magazines build brands by driving strongest emotional response.

Shazia Ginai, CEO of Neuro-Insights UK, said magazines are a strong trigger of right-brain responses. The right side of the brain is where we take in the overall feel of something and all memories are coloured by some sort of emotion. “The brain actually isn’t that interested in brands,” Ginai said. “What we’re really interested in is stories. Human brains make sense of the world and the meaning of life through stories, so what’s critical is to encode information and do that with a story.
“It’s important to encode that information alongside the right kind of emotion. What we see with magazines versus other channels is that they elicit the strongest levels of emotional intensity.”

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What this means for advertisers?

  • Magazines deliver stronger right brain response which drives purchase
  • Magazines elicit the strongest emotional intensity, critical for building brands

Are Media becomes first publisher globally to partner with media planning tool AttentionTRACE

Developed by world-renowned Australian academic and researcher Prof. Karen Nelson-Field, founder and executive director of Amplified Intelligence, attentionTRACE is based on empirically led research design that tracks human gaze on a second-by-second level for mobile and TV. Prof. Nelson-Field said: “We know from our research that active attention – eyes on the screen is the best type of attention – as it drives the most sales uplift for advertisers. The more attention paid, the longer the brand stays in memory. And yet it is the missing layer in media planning. Now with attentionTRACE™ Media Planner we have a universal measure of active attention so advertisers can make sure they are getting what they paid for.

What this means for advertisers?

  • Proof about what channels are holding active attention.
  • Maximise ROI on investment through transparency around the right kind of attention.




  1. We are the leading channel when it comes to holding women’s attention, and can prove it via atentionTrace.
  2. We have a deep understanding of women, and can show you how to connect your female audience with ours using HerMatch.
  3. We have the biggest suite of women’s websites and magazines in the country.
  4. Our new digital products SmartVid, SmartByte and SoundSocial will amplify your content, along with an impressive programmatic offering.
  5. We are supercharged in the categories of Homes, Beauty and Parenting via rewards and e-com programs.
  6. And finally, we are creating positive change for women.


We are here, we are excited, and we can’t wait to work with you in 2021.