Luxury Audiences

Luxury is no longer about logos and heritage. Luxury has become about the intangible – innovation, inspiration, sensorial, connections and transparency.
“Global luxury is entering another age of exciting transformation as a new generation of consumers come to the fore. Disruptive innovations will revitalise the overplayed and stale narrative around heritage and artisanship, and precipitate exuberant growth in the global luxury market” Chris Sanderson, co-founder, The Future Laboratory.

Hi there. I’m Lauren and I’m a lover of all things luxe. I’m 44 and fabulous in Prada, Gucci and Chanel.

Harper’s BAZAAR is my style bible. It's important to look fashionable and in order to do that, I spend many an hour browsing the racks of department stores and high-end designer boutiques. I keep in shape with weekly sessions with my personal trainer. Obviously, my expensive tastes don’t end at Westfield.

I'm always planning my next getaway

Whether it’s holidaying on the French Riviera or spending a weekend on a yacht with some friends, I’m always planning my next getaway.

The fancier the restaurant the better

I like to eat out – the fancier the restaurant, the better. But I also like to show off my home with the occasional spontaneous get together. I get a kick out of shopping for food to entertain but you won’t find any low-end brands in my trolley because I don’t trust them anywhere near as much as the well-known ones.